Tom Rychlik

Tom Rychlik

Co-Owner and Coach

Back Squat: 455lbs

Bench: 315lbs

Deadlift: 500lbs

The Office Quote Extraordinaire

Always PR's Whining About Thrusters


CrossFit Level 2 Certification

CrossFit Scaling

CrossFit Training Pregnant & Postpartum Athletes

CrossFit Kids

WAG Certified Nutrition Coach

Powerlifting Coach

About Coach


I was born in Chicago and Raised in Grand Lake, CO. Went from city life to small-town feels and wouldn't change that for anything. I enjoy CrossFit, hunting, fishing, the outdoors, and traveling with my wife. I met my beautiful and strong wife in Golden, CO, and we have been married for 10+ years.

Turning Point

We have always dreamed of opening our gym. We love fitness and test our bodies to their fullest potential. My wife and I competed in the USAPL for powerlifting and had a successful and fun time doing that. That started our weight loss and fitness lifestyle/journey. My wife and I decided to step away from powerlifting in pursuit of something new. We found CrossFit. It was initially intimidating because we thought we had to look a certain way to CrossFit. Wrong! CrossFit is for everyone! CrossFit changed our life for the better. The community is what got our attention. The way the classes flowed was addictive and the coaching was helpful and informative. We were hooked!

Motivation & Passion

My motivation is to help anyone and everyone overcome their obstacles with a community of good people and to find a healthier way of life. Through positivity, community, consistency, and fitness... we can do just that. I look forward to meeting you!

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